Angélica Pagés
UX/UI developer, Front-End developer and professional photographer

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Hi! I’m Angélica Pagés, but my friends call me Angel. 😃 I’m from Venezuela, but I’ve been living in Argentina since 2018. I like photography, I’m a professional photographer! I like to take pictures of my friends, nature and really anything that I find beautiful. All pictures here in this website were taken by meSigue leyendo “Introduction”

Everybody struggles!

Oh boy! These weeks were very busy, but they were completely worth it As an Outreachy intern working with Open Archive, I’ve been feeling challenged to be the best I could be. These pasts weeks we’ve been working on new content for Open Archive’s social media. Vani, my co-intern, and I split the work into captionsSigue leyendo “Everybody struggles!”

My project in OpenArchive

I’m doing great in my Outreachy internship! I’m very happy to read all your messages supporting my internship and this blog. Thank you so much! Let me tell you more about the organization I’m doing my internship for: OpenArchive is a veteran research and development organization dedicated to the ethical collection and long-term preservation ofSigue leyendo “My project in OpenArchive”


I’m currently at the midpoint of my internship! Hurray! Working with OpenArchive has been an amazing experience so far. I’ve been pretty busy with all the tasks and content creation priorities. When my internship started, I was ready to work, I felt very excited about our tasks and our goals for OpenArchive.  We had theseSigue leyendo “Progress!”

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